BellaVista Puppy Questionnaire

Please Copy Paste and Email to:

What color and sex of Labrador puppy do you prefer?

Have you had a dog in the past?

How old was it when it died?  What was the cause of death?

How long will the dog/puppy be alone during the day?

Do you have a fenced yard?

Where will your puppy/dog be walked or exercised?

Where will your puppy/dog be during the day?

Where will he/she sleep at night?

Do you currently have any other dogs, how many, of what sex, are they spayed or neutered?

What is the name and address of your vet?

What is the name and contact info of your previous breeder/shelter/adoption agency?

In addition to the puppy being a treasured family companion, are you interested in Hunting? Obedience? Agility? Rally? Tracking? or Therapy?

Are you planning to enroll yourself and your puppy in a training class?

Are you planning on spaying or neutering your BellaVista Labrador?

Are you interested in showing confirmation or breeding the dog?

Would you allow BellaVista Labradors to show and or breed your puppy in the future?

What is your profession?  

Do you have any children that live with you and if so how old?

What town and state/country do you live in?

Your name and phone number?

Your email address?

Please provide the name and contact info of two additional pet friendly references.

Companion/Pet quality/Limited Registration  $3,500 - $5,000  
Co-Ownership/Show quality/Full Registration  $5,000 and up
*Full Ownership/Full Registration is not available to the public*

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