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Charley Sully Litter 2018
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Rosewater BellaVista BravoRosewater BellaVista Bravo CD CGC imaged @ 12 months, Grand-sire to our current Charley Sully Litter 2018
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We are a responsible breeder and show family located in Charleston SC with a passion for English Style Labrador Retrievers with superior temperaments, health, and conformation.  We carefully plan every litter striving for show quality dogs and improvement to the breed.  Our pedigree contains some of the most prestigious bloodlines and several nationally top ranked Labradors.  These puppies are raised in our home and lovingly handled from the time they are born. By eight weeks of age, our puppies will have been imprinted, socialized, AKC reunite micro-chipped, vet checked, dew claws removed, wormed, had their 1st set of shots, CERF, and health certified. 

Puppy sale proceeds are reinvested into our dogs to help pay for care, training and showing expenses.  Chris & Kate do not personally support themselves off the sale of puppies.

lab puppies, white labs, champion sire, AKC labrador retriever, AKC registered puppies, black labsKate Wannamaker is the breeder.  She graduated top of her class, college educated in animal science with a focus on breeding & reproduction.  Kate has experience in artificial insemination and is an accredited registered sonographer.  She has had formal training in breeding & reproduction, training, showing, judging, nutrition, business, farm management and design.  Kate is an active AKC Bred with HEART breeder and member of the National Labrador Retriever Club, Charleston Kennel Club, and Charleston Dog Training Clubs. 


Grand Champion pointed
CH BellaVista's Star Attraction CGC
owned & shown by Niki Hahn
Watson finished his Championship!!!

lab puppies, white labs, champion sire, AKC labrador retriever, AKC registered puppies, black labs
Major pointed
wins BOB and Group 4th 
@ 10 months of age!!!
and now major pointed!!!

In the beginning, Kate grew up on a 10 acre farm in rural Ohio and has been working with dogs her entire life and showing horses since age 7.  Kate's father had experience training police dogs and showing horses through OBGYN med school and spent countless hours and school nights teaching obedience and grooming skills to Kate and her sister Beth.  We owned, trained, successfully showed in 4H, and loved Shetland Sheep Dogs, Golden Retrievers, as well as the occasional rescue.  It was a dream of ours to one day successfully own and show a winning confirmation AKC dog.  My father would purchase our dogs from registered AKC breeders and would pay extra for pick of the litter, though beautiful and much loved, we never did obtain our winning confirmation show dog.  That experience sparked a life long curiosity and passion in Kate to one day selectively breed and produce her own perfect dog. 

BellaVista LabradorsKate met her husband Chris in 2007, Chris is an environmental engineer with a focus on water treatment.  Chris has a strong passion for aquatics and breeding fish, and, comes from a family experienced in breeding Labrador Retrievers and Great Danes.  Chris personally grew up with Labrador Retrievers and enjoys spending weekends with the dogs on his family's 28 acre farm on the creek in Edisto dove hunting and dock diving, a Labrador's paradise.  When we met, it was decided, Labrador Retrievers were the life style & breed for us.  Kate spent the next 3 years researching show dogs and breeders to select the perfect female to start her line, the sire she chose has since gone on to win and became the #1 ranked Labrador of 2013.

Our Goal is to produce beautiful and functional Labradors of the highest quality with wonderful temperaments, excellent health, and great soundness. Our Labradors make great family companions, as well as perform with excellence in the show ring, in hunting, and as therapy dogs.

Gus Cyndi blue win pic
Major pointed  (24 months)
Gus' first weekend out took 2 reserves, and, won WD, BOW, and BOO beating 52 other Labradors for a major win!!!  Thank you to our judges and handler Cyndi Landsberger!

Gus & Kate showing in BBE at the Potomac 2019 Specialty

Kate's philosophy and a few helpful tips: 
We don't insist anyone raise their Labrador the way we do, but, please know I'm always to happy to help if you have any questions or concerns.  I have over 30 years experience working with dogs, but, if I don't have an answer, I'll likely refer you to your vet, try to do some research and get back to you.  Most of you will already be familiar with a lot of these tips if you have ever had a Labrador Retriever or dog.

Labradors are loyal and loving social pack animals that (once bonded to you) wish to be at your side.  In general, I would prefer puppies go to smoke free homes and be raised indoors as one of your family, having a fenced back yard is a major plus.  

The annual cost to properly care for ANY dog including time, energy, food, supplements, training, grooming, preventative medicines and vet care, etc. (not to mention competing) is significant.  Your BellaVista Labrador puppy is health certified and comes from several generations of health tested dogs... we hope that this will significantly reduce the chances for genetic diseases, cancers, and disabilities commonly found in Labrador Retrievers and similar mixed breeds... and in the long run (beyond your purchase price) actually reduce your overall cost of ownership.  

lab puppies, white labs, champion sire, AKC labrador retriever, AKC registered puppies, black labsYou can reduce your puppy's chance of developing joint disease by not allowing them to become overweight, we give joint supplements as a preventative measure even to our young dogs, and try not allow our puppies to exercise too rambunctiously or jump until they are fully grown... roughly 2 years old.  Proper age appropriate diet and exercise are important for muscle development and joint support.  

Labradors are known to shed a lot, but I've found that bathing once every 2 weeks and using a "furminator" significantly reduce the amount of hair all over your house.  Anti-shedding shampoos & supplements are also said to be helpful.

We never feed table scraps as it promotes picky eating and several foods that humans eat are actually toxic to dogs, for example, grapes and raisins cause kidney failure.  Never give Tylenol.  Also, please be aware that most common household plants and bushes in our yards are also toxic to dogs.  We choose not to feed our dogs animal bones as they can splinter and cause a perforated bowel.   

Left unattended, a puppy will chew and eat just about anything.  It's good to have plenty of chew toys available for your teething puppy.  If a puppy gets a hold of something you don't want them to have say "whoops" "drop it", reward when they let go of the item as you are removing it from their mouth, then give the puppy or dog one of it's own toys that it can chew on.  Discourage puppies from chewing or eating their bedding, and, be sure to remove damaged items so that your puppy will not ingest them which could cause a bowel obstruction.  We attempt to "puppy proof" our house and yard by removing all toxic plants and by not leaving anything laying around our house or on the counters that we don't want our dogs getting into or chewing up.   Tall baby gates to block off a room or two are also helpful.

Crate training is beneficial for your pet's safety and sense of security when you cannot be present to monitor them.  Properly used, a crate can become a place of safe haven for your Lab... our Lab's will actually choose to go to their open door crates when they want a break from us or the kids and to take naps. So please, never use the crate as a punishment.  

lab puppies, white labs, champion sire, AKC labrador retriever, AKC registered puppies, black labsWe prefer to train using positive reinforcement methods such as reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior.  Clicker training is good to instantly mark a correct response, or, you could just say "yes" or "good dog".  You could mark a mistake by saying "whoops".  

To correct jumping and barking for attention, you can ignore your puppy (just for a moment) until they are sitting quietly, then, give lots of love and praise when you achieve the desired behavior. To discourage barking when all your dog wants is attention, walk out of the room and don't return until the puppy is quiet, reward puppy for waiting quietly.  If a puppy tries to jump on you, fold your arms and turn your back to the dog (to ignore them), or, hold their paws (the dog will be in a standing position) and don't allow the dog to hop down until they are clearly uncomfortable.  The dog will learn quickly not to jump up on you or else they will be held up in a standing position against their will.  

To prevent pulling or lunging ahead when healing on a leash, if the puppy walks ahead of you, simply say "whoops" then stop and don't move forward until the puppy is at your side, mark the good behavior with "yes" then you can move forward with "heal" or "lets go".  Luring with treats in your left hand is a good way to start teaching the puppy to walk and sit properly at your side.  It's best to encourage good healing practices and discourage jumping on people as a puppy, soon enough, they will become a large dog.   

These tips require consistency, time, and patience, however, will help set you up for a long happy life with a healthy good mannered dog.

An animal is a life long commitment, however, if for any reason you are no longer able to care for your BellaVista Labrador, we ask that you return them to us, the breeder, for re-homing and/or to grow old with us.  There should be no such thing as a shelter pet.

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property under 24 hour video surveillance
lab puppies, white labs, champion sire, AKC labrador retriever, AKC registered puppies, black labslab puppies, white labs, champion sire, AKC labrador retriever, AKC registered puppies, black labs
lab puppies, white labs, champion sire, AKC labrador retriever, AKC registered puppies, black labs

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